This is the page where I post my Hammer maps. It won't be edited very often because hammer map creation is a very long process, but I will update it when I make a new map.

note: this page will only include maps made by me past december 2021, anything earlier isn't, well, good.

This page was last edited on June 12th, 2024


For Neotokyo

A Neotokyo map taking place in a wastewater treatment plant. Abandoned.

Sanitary on GitHub


For Fortress Forever

A dynamic TDM map that changes shape every two minutes (I might change the condition for that happening later), inspired by the Cybergrind from ULTRAKILL. I don't have much else to say here, so I'm gonna give an explanation for what happens each time the shape changes.

There is a logic_timer set to two minutes. Once it hits it's 2-minute mark, it fires off a relay that sends a "PickRandom" input to one of two oscillating logic_cases, which then chooses between 16 existing stages. The existing ones are mostly small remakes of various maps shown on the GIF above. Once it chooses one, it sends a trigger input to a relay handling the whole transition. The transition takes advantage of 256 func_movelinears (plus some other special func_movelinears, which are more complex structures), which then move up to 256 units high to form one of the layouts that you are seeing on the GIF. This process then repeats after two minutes.

Grind on GitHub


For Fortress Forever

A simple map based off the pre-existing Blockfort. Made for the gamemode "Detpackmania" I was creating.

Detpackfort on GitHub

Unfinished Construction

For Portal 2

Portal 2 map attempting the "construction" art theme, I don't know if I really suceeded at it, but I think it looks great.

Puzzle is hammerized from Ossy's Puzzle Stash.


For Portal 2

Attempted to do a map in the style of Aperture Tag's fourth chapter "The Stage", I don't think I executed it well. The photo used for the backdrop was taken by me, it's a hill somewhere in southern Bohemia.

Puzzle is hammerized also from Ossy's Puzzle Stash.


For Portal 2

This map is really only made unique by the fact it merges two puzzles into one. I think the map is sub-par, the visuals are a bit eh and the lighting is all over the place. (especially the moving chamber, I had to rotate it because it wasn't oriented right and I did fix the problem, at the cost of a fuck ton of lighting problems)