A blog or something like that, used for misc. stuff I made and whatever else you would find on one of these.

This page was last edited on May 16th 2024

16.05.24 - Comic... -like... things..

I found out that making these comic-like drawings is sort of fun.

02.05.24 - Tree

Digital practice at drawing coniferous trees

27.02.24 - A site button at last

I've got a site button after ages.

07.02.24 - WIP Neotokyo map

I'm working on a map for Neotokyo, It's very early so this is all i can show at the moment. This is the first time I'm making a map for this (frankly complicated) game so I guess it may end up being bad, who knows. When (or if, probably) the A1 is finished I'll plop it into the Hammer Stuff page.

01.02.24 - FF shitposts

Dam I just spent 2 weeks ill as shit and I want to put something on my site after being unable to make anything for that period. I guess I'll just leave some fortress forever shitposts I made here as filler.

27.11.23 - Rock n' Roll NT version

A joke image parodying the album cover of TSA's "Rock n' Roll". The image is edited to the style of the old 2009 multiplayer game "NEOTOKYO". The original album cover is on the right for reference.